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Peggy Lamb

Massage Therapist, Educator, Coach

I’m Peggy Lamb, LMT, BCTMB – Everything I do reflects my belief in empowering bodyworkers so abundance and prosperity flows into their lives.

 I have built a list of Continuing Education resources for massage therapists, including DVDs, books, and seminars and coaching all towards one goal: Becoming An Abundant Bodyworker!

An Abundant Bodyworker is someone who not only gives the best of their gifts and has developed their clinical skills but also understands the value they bring to their clients and knows how to monetize their expertise beyond 1-1 treatments. 


 We all bless the world through the simple act of touch. –


"“The pelvis and specifically the psoas muscle is a tricky muscle to work with and is often times misunderstood by the medical field. Peggy Lamb’s massage and release techniques for the psoas helped me save my patient from getting an unnecessary hystertectomy.Thanks Peggy” "

Tish Sisamis

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