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From Ouch to Aaah - Client Shoulder Support Bundle:

Give your clients the best self-care tool on the market!

With Ouch to Aaah! - Shoulder Pain Self-Care book your clients will get:

  1. A clear overview of the shoulder in easily understood terms
  2. Effective and soothing stretches for tight muscles
  3. Easy-to-do strength training exercises for weak muscles
  4. Valuable suggestions for sleep positioning; one of the most significant and impactful changes you can make. Aaah!

What you'll get:

  • 5 From Ouch to Aaah! Shoulder Pain Self-Care books
  • 5 Exercise Bands
  • [Easily create a support package of a book and band for your clients and resell! (Suggested resale price is $35 but that's entirely up to you! ]

Shoulder problems can be complex, multidimensional and multifaceted. This course is not a comprehensive study of those issues. This course is for educational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for proper training. It is sold with the understanding that the author and publisher are not engaged in rendering medical or other professional services. If medical advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of an appropriate professional should be sought. Information in this course should not be used to diagnose, treat, or prescribe. The author and publisher shall not be held liable for any damages in connection with, or arising out of anyone’s interpretation or application of the information in this manual. The user is encouraged to always use sound judgment in making decisions about her/his ability to perform the exercis

What People Are Saying:

“I will be eternally grateful for Peggy. The medical profession misdiagnosed me and was about to do surgery on me. It scares me every time I think about it. Now, every time I think of Peggy Lamb, I thank God for her. Her caring concern and her expertise cured me of rotator cuff problems.”

Dr. Beverly Chiodo

I am a massage therapist and this book is great. I keep my book in the reception area of my office and many clients or visitors are picking up this book to read. It has lots of great information about the shoulder muscles using correct medical terms but explains it all in layman's terms. Perfect! Thank you Peggy Lamb

Lucinda Carlson

Months after working with Peggy, I am still walking around with full range of movement, no pills, no schedule for surgery, and a lot of trust in what a massage therapist can do for my rotator cuff injury. Of course I did my “homework” – all the suggestions in her Ouch to Aaah Self-Care booklet. Listening to Peggy and/or working with a massage therapist whom she has trained is, quite simply, a slam-dunk!”

Frank Kronke