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Free your self of that pain between the shoulder blades from over-stretched rhomboids! Great for strengthening the scapulae retractors and stretching the pecs!

What you'll get:

  • A durable, portable band of medium resistance

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From Ouch to Aaah! Shoulder Pain Self-Care book: $20.00

Do you have nagging shoulder pain?

From Ouch to Aaah Shoulder Pain Self-Care book  is for you!

Say goodbye to shoulder pain with a Self-Care book that enables you to take control and experience "Aaah" RELIEF! Here's a secret: most shoulder conditions can be successfully addressed and healed with simple self-care and attention to the involved muscles - the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is the Commander-N-Chief of the shoulder - every shoulder condition involves the rotator cuff in some way. This book may help you to: avoid unnecessary surgery, throw away expensive drugs that don't work and pass up endless physical therapy.



What People Are Saying:

Months after working with Peggy, I am still walking around with full range of movement, no pills, no schedule for surgery, and a lot of trust in what a massage therapist can do for my rotator cuff injury. Of course I did my “homework” – all the suggestions in her Ouch to Aaah Self-Care booklet. Listening to Peggy and/or working with a massage therapist whom she has trained is, quite simply, a slam-dunk!”

Frank Kronke

“I will be eternally grateful for Peggy. The medical profession misdiagnosed me and was about to do surgery on me. It scares me every time I think about it. Now, every time I think of Peggy Lamb, I thank God for her. Her caring concern and her expertise cured me of rotator cuff problems.”

Dr. Beverly Chiodo

I am a massage therapist and this book is great. I keep my book in the reception area of my office and many clients or visitors are picking up this book to read. It has lots of great information about the shoulder muscles using correct medical terms but explains it all in layman's terms. Perfect! Thank you Peggy Lamb

Lucinda Carlson

Peggy has a gift of making difficult and intimidating subjects very easy to grasp. A very good book! but then again anything she endeavors to do comes out a success.

Big Rose