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Stabilizing the Core and SI Joint book: $30.00

Simplify your practice with these six easy assessment tests and corrections. Unleash your greatness!


Stabilizing the Core and SI Joint book: $30.00

Assess don’t guess! Stabilize and restore the core and SI joint with osteopathic-derived muscle energy techniques and neuromuscular therapy using Peggy Lamb’s innovative Muscle Swimming techniques. Properly find the root causes of the pain with precise assessment tools and return function and mobility to your clients.

  • Attract and retain awesome clients with these powerful techniques that work
  • Effective solutions to the most common client complaints
  • Distinguish yourself as the therapist who looks at the whole body
  • Restore optimal posture and functional mobility
  • Take your skills to the next level and revitalize your practice
  • Full color book with easy step-by-step instructions



Comments about the Stabilizing the Core and SI products:

“Using these assessment tests and corrections has enabled me to get the quickest results in the eleven years in getting my clients hips level and sacrum back in place. My client with Primary Lateral Sclerosis loved it. She said she didn’t have to think about how to stabilize while she was standing. She just stood there amazed and almost in tears.

Leslie Rea-Dorn, LMT, Chicago, IL

Thanks Peggy! This was such a great course – I’ve been able to put these new skills to work and it’s made a huge impact in my practice. There is a lot of stress relief when you are confident about the SI joiint and not feeling overwhelmed by it’s complexity!”

Annie Ruffus, PT, DPT, CSCS